USB Accessory Bundle

The USB Accessory Bundle is a money saving way to get a complete set of Hardened Power gear for your USB power needs.


USB_B_03  USB Accessory Bundle USB B 03


This bundle includes:

High quality, mil-spec Cordura BDU Wallet, with molle straps, self-healing zippers, sewn Velcro patch and subdued flag.

USB_B_04  USB Accessory Bundle USB B 04 300x214


Nano LED light source, warm white, almost indestructible. <details here>

CAD rendering of final design  USB Accessory Bundle NU Render 01 300x178

CAD rendering of final design


Nano LED, as above, with bonded red filter for night vision preservation.

USB_B_05  USB Accessory Bundle USB B 05 300x176


3 Amp Nano USB, tiny & powerful.  <details here>

NANO_USB_iso-1  USB Accessory Bundle NANO USB iso 1 300x244


The new USB Multi-Tap, which is a unique device that can deliver 12 amps USB from a single DC power source.  <details here>

UMT_front-2  USB Accessory Bundle UMT front 2 300x250


PowerPole to Powerpole cable, 18″ length.

USB_B_06  USB Accessory Bundle USB B 06 300x176


Male cigarette plug to Anderson.  Fused, with power indicator light and 10″ length.

USB_B_07  USB Accessory Bundle USB B 07 300x162



Buy the bundle for $99.00 and save over $40 on separate components.





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