Tiny yet powerful.

The Nano USB is a USB driver like no other.


NANO USB NANO USB iso 1 300x244

CAD rendering of final design


3 amps of USB in the palm of your hand…


NANO USB NU GREY 01 300x169

DC power is supplied via Anderson power poles in the standard ARES/RACES configuration.  Input range is 6 volts to 26 volts.  Output is a maximum of three amps (15 watts!).


NU_4-01  NANO USB NU 4 01 300x164

Available in four colors:  black, grey, red, and yellow


Check out the brief introduction video, below:




The Nano USB has a reverse-polarity protection diode, a low resistance copper inductor, and a high efficiency, American made rectifier.


We are using the latest USB identification circuit for compatibility with I-phone, Android, Samsung, and other ‘fussy’ manufacturers.



NU_lit-01  NANO USB NU lit 01 300x230

When power is applied to the Nano, a small red indicator lights up to confirm the unit is energized.


At just 1.6″ x .75″ x .75″ and 18 grams, this device is small enough to drop in your pocket, yet strong enough to power or fast charge virtually any device that accepts USB power.





An excellent companion to the Nano USB is our new Nano LED:



Bob K6UDA does a thorough review of both the Nano USB and the Nano LED: