If you use the small 12 volt SLA batteries, you might like our BatPac system.

A BatPac is a problem solver.

Simple and compact, our BatPacs ‘ride’ on common SLA batteries.  They add zero to the width or length, and less than 1/2″ to the height.

By providing a secure, protected connection to the battery terminals, the BatPac reduces or eliminates shorting, power loss, and weak connections.

 Your battery is about to get an upgrade.

With robust Anderson powerpole connections, switched volt meter, fuse protection, and even a version with an integrated solar controller, you can get a lot more out of your existing battery.


See the brand new BatPac M4 for the larger RBC4 (12 or 15 AH) battery:

BatPacs BP M4 Frt 02 300x239

See the MK2, for the smaller RBC2 (7 & 9AH) battery:

BatPacs BPM2 Iso masked 03 small e1440019218341 192x300

See the BatPac Solar, for the RBC2 (7 & 9AH) battery:

BatPac Solar  BatPacs BPS Back1 174x300