Our Products

As we manage our manufacturing resources, we sometimes add and remove products from our website.  If you are looking for something not listed, feel free to call or email.


KlickStand KlickStands Iso1 250x145

Introducing a simple solution to optimize the viewing angle of virtually any gear with a metallic housing.     Many of our customers have asked for a simple way to tilt equipment upwards towards the user to improve the viewing and operating angle. After a handful… Read More

Scout G1

Scout G1 Scout Iso 01 185x150

Innovative, compact, and built tough. In the shack, on the road, or in the field, the Scout G1 will help get your comms up.     A rugged system that fits securely within a fat 50 caliber ammo can, yet slides in or out without… Read More

BatPac Solar

[object object] BatPac Solar BPS iso 2 masked 125x150

  Innovative & rugged, the BatPac Solar is feature packed.    The housing is 3D printed from tough ABS.  It sits securely atop a standard RBC2 battery, and connects to the tabs on the battery.  It provides safe, secure power distribution and charging. With an integrated 50… Read More