Hurricane Bundle


Please understand:  we are not an importer / re-seller.  We do not ‘stock’ our gear, we build it in our shop, and do not necessarily have inventory on the shelf waiting to be sold… the phones are going crazy over this… we are doing the best we can to build and ship as quickly as we can.

For the next couple weeks, we have decided to shift a significant amount of technicians towards building a single solution, described below.  This is the most cost effective and capable combination of gear we can offer to those dealing with this weather event.  We will do our best to have this package ready to ship when you order.  We are discounting this package as much as we can, and will only honor this pricing for zip codes in the affected areas.  If you purchase this package and are not in an affected area, we will refund your purchase and cancel your order.  We will use your zip code to verify that you are in an affected area.  If you want to verify before you order, just email or call the shop at (931) 207-0079.



All North Carolina, South Carolina, and Virginia addresses qualify for this bundle.


Thank you for your understanding as we try to respond to immediate needs.

Pilot G1.  Serious DC power in an ammo can.  Waterproof, crush proof, & ready to work.  Just ten pounds.  $520.00 regular price

A pair of Nano LED lights.  Inexpensive, small, and rugged.  Reliable, bright, and dimmable.  $22.00 / pair

Our 6 foot, 10 gauge, Powerpole to battery clamp cable.  Incredibly useful.  Jump a car, pull power from an external battery, charge a battery, connect to a trolling motor.  $29.00

27 watt folding solar panel.  Trust us, you will be glad you have this.  Recharge your G1 in less than a day of sun.  Works well in overcast conditions.  We will include a 10 foot extension cable.  $160.00

Female cigarette socket to Powerpole.  Run standard ‘car’ devices right from the Pilot G1.  $21.00

USB MultiTap.  Want to score points with the neighbors who are out of power?  Charge 4 phones at once, fast, with three amps per port.  $45.00

Normal pricing, for the above, is $797.00 plus shipping.  We will sell this for $650.00 with free shipping, until we can’t.

The above package will arrive in a single box, either USPS or FedEx.  The system will arrive fully charged and ready to use.



The Blog post, HERE, has a lot of useful information about dealing with the effects of a storm like Florence.

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