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Digital HAM Access Point


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New for 2018, the DHAP G3 is small, rugged, and flexible.  At home in your shack or on the road, the DHAP G3 is a highly engineered device that makes digital modes easier to deploy and enjoy.

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  • The 3D printed case is thick, high-impact ABS, and is very tough.

  • The middle portion of the case is shrouded with PVC rubber.

  • Rubber feet provide non-skid security and plenty of air flow.

  • Silicone bumpers on top to help secure a battery pack.

  • Stretchy silicone straps to retain a battery pack

  • Laser engraved face plates, front and rear.

  • Air vents, front and rear.

  • Stainless steel hardware.

  • Right angled USB cable, type A to Micro, to connect your Rpi to your battery.

  • Right-angle to bulkhead SMA antenna extension.

  • Rare earth magnets hold the case securely closed, yet allow opening without tools.

  • Mounting kits available for the ZUMspot, the DV Mega, and the DV Dongle.

  • Super compact: just 4.5″ long, 4″ wide, and 2.5″ tall.



[object object] DHAP G3 DHAP G3 open iso 01 2mb 1024x665

DHAP G3, opened, showing a ZUMspot and Rpi installed.



[object object] DHAP G3 DHAP G3 open DV Mega 01 2mb 1024x768

DHAP G3 with DV Mega installed.


[object object] DHAP G3 DHAP G3 open DV Dongle 01 2mb 1024x756

DHAP G3 with DV Dongle installed.




[object object] DHAP G3 DHAP G3 Front masked 2mb 300x258

DHAP G3, ready to run. Shown with user-supplied Rpi, Anker battery, and antenna installed.



Important:  You must supply your own Raspberry Pi, power source, antenna, and DV device (ZUM, DVAP, or Mega).  We are showing the Anker 13000 mAh, available HERE as an example that works very well.  Any other USB power source that is reasonably similar in size will work fine.  The Silicon bands on the DHAP will easily stretch a bit more than is shown above.



[object object] DHAP G3 DHAP G3 rear iso 01 2mb


[object object] DHAP G3 DHAP G3 sled iso 01 2mb 1024x720

A good view of the rare-earth magnets that hold the DHAP closed, yet allow the case to be opened without tools.



[object object] DHAP G3 DHAP G3 side 01 2mb 1024x678


During product launch (April / May of 2018) Please allow up to two weeks for your order to ship…

Free shipping, with tracking, to all 50 US states.

International customers, please add flat rate ‘International Shipping’, below, to your cart

(please note:  We can ship up to two DHAPs, with mounting kits, for this flat rate)


Important:  Please choose one or more of the installation kits, below, so we know how to finish and pack your DHAP!



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  1. Been waiting a while for this, but I knew it was coming. Just ordered two for the DVAP for our crew. They have been using your DHAP R2 for a couple years with no trouble, but this is better and a lot smaller. Thanks for making great stuff.

  2. Frikken awesome. Needed a way to carry & power & use my ZUM. I heard you guys were doing something, but I’m glad you did it quick… looking forward to getting my unit. thanks again. love your stuff.

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