Hardened Power Systems is still operating during this Pandemic.

The type of equipment we design and build is needed in the response, and we have been deemed a ‘Critical Supplier’.  This means that we must try to operate as long as possible. Thankfully, our shop is very remote, our town is small, and we have an amazing team that has their heads screwed on straight.

The majority of our capacity is now focused on communications and power equipment for the military and a handful of emergency response entities.  This will impact our ability to deliver equipment to civilian purchasers.  We are also dealing with supply chain issues that are unprecedented, and changing rapidly.

We have listed many items as ‘out of stock’ that are temporarily compromised, due to workload or parts availability.  The products that are still available to purchase are ones that we CAN build and deliver, but with longer lead times.  Typically, from two to four weeks.

We might not have our long-standing ‘answer on the second ring’ phone support for a while.  Things are a bit crazy here as we pivot to respond to a changing business environment.  Preferred contact method is via email :  If you do call, please leave a message.  Key team members receive a transcript of your voicemail immediately. 

At the moment, we are holding up and actually operating above normal capacity.

Please have patience with us as we, like many of you, have to put our shoulder to the wheel and push.  And then push some more.

Please also have a quick look at our FaceMatch, which allows the wearer to improvise a mask or improve the fit of an N-95…. we have created a ‘universal’ adult male and adult female. We are working on a universal child. We have lowered the price and are building & shipping them now. We have also released the source files ‘into the wild’ for anyone with a printer to produce these devices. These files are available HERE and HERE on GrabCAD. They are free, with no restrictions, license, or attribution. If you have access to a printer, please get busy.

The bungee cord we use is 1/8th inch, like THIS. The cord-locks we use are THESE. Obviously substitutions can be used. This device must be printed in TPU or similar material. We like NinjaFlex. ABS or PLA will not work… too brittle.

I would like to add one last thing to this message:  If you do not already have a personal relationship with Jesus, please find a private place to simply ask Him for one.  The cost / benefit ratio is off the charts.


Bill Harrison


Hardened Power Systems, USA.

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