Commander 857

Introducing the Commander.


During product launch pricing will be $650. Free shipping within the Continental US.

Yaesu 857D not included.




Commander 857


Production has begun on the new Commander 857… a complete, turnkey solution for the Yaesu 857D 
• Real-time power usage meter, shows & records voltage and min/max amps & watts of power draw.
• Two 3 watt full-range speakers, with defeat switch.
Front mounted headphone jack.  Run silent or run both speakers and headphones.
• Internal 3 stage AC charge controller, worldwide voltage.
• Internal 3 stage solar controller, accepts up to 60 watts of solar power.
• Two panel mounted antenna extensions, mil spec, shielded RG400, made in the USA.
• Two 3 amp USB drivers, switched, for charging or powering other devices.
Front mounted stainless steel grounding lug, connected via a tinned & braided cable to copper lug.
• Two power poles on front, switched, for accessories.  20A distributed.  
• Head unit swivels into the machine for stowage, swivels out to operate.
Head unit is secured or removed with silicone straps, no tools needed.
• Fits in a fat 50 can. Waterproof when closed.
• Integrated power connection for radio with factory disconnect and two inline fuses.
• Tool-free installation and removal of radio.
• Ability to run the radio with the machine ‘dark’.
• Total weight of machine, with 857 installed is just 18 pounds.




Our two-year warranty is the best in our industry and is only possible thanks to the quality of our gear.  If you have trouble with any of our equipment that we cannot resolve through phone support, ship us the machine and we will repair or replace and ship it back to you at our cost.



Commander shown with the 857 Head Unit swiveled into the stowed position…

Take a video tour of the new Commander:





The exposed Commander, removed from the ammo can…






Launch pricing will be in effect for a limited time, as we fill our component supply chain and get our bench technicians up to speed on building this new machine.  Please allow 2-3 weeks to receive your new Commander.


We will ship your Commander to any domestic USA address for free.  Most shipments are FedEx Ground.  If you are outside the USA, just email or call the office at (931) 207-0079 and we will quote shipping for you.


The complete Commander, below, includes everything you need (except the radio).

The Commander without batteries, below, includes everything you need (except the radio and batteries).

NOTE:  We use Dakota LiFePo4 batteries in the Complete Commander.  You can buy the same batteries, direct from the manufacturer, here.

If you prefer, you can save some money by using ‘standard’ SLA AGM batteries in the RBC2 form factor.  A good example, from Amazon, is here.




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  1. Bill
    I work more digital than voice. Need easy access to data,acc rear panel connections. The 857D gets hot real quick even QRP using WSJT-X. Any comments?

    • There is access to the remaining connectors… There is about 1.5″ of clearance for the protrusions. Regarding heat, The 857 has two fans on the end opposite the connectors, and we have about two inches of clearance there… when the head unit is swiveled into the operating position, the large gap above it allows the fans to exchange air.

  2. Is there a way to plug this into a remote deep cycle battery for extended off grid use?

    • Scott,
      Yes, you can connect another battery to the Commander. Simply plug a Power Pole cable into either one of the two Power Pole ports on the Commander. Ensure the adjacent switch is ‘on’ to close the circuit.

  3. I didn’t see in any of the pictures, or video the cable from the radio control head to the radio. Is the stock short cable that comes with the 857D long enough to reach the radio and still swivel, or is there a longer cable supplied?

  4. When you say “The complete Commander, below, includes everything you need (except the radio).” does that include the ammo can?

  5. How are ANT HF/50MHz & ANT 144/430MHz differentiated inside the can? Are the jumpers labeled?

    This has gone to the top of my wish list!
    73 KD8SGP

    • They are not labeled inside the can, but the lengths are different, so you cannot connect them backwards. Very straightforward to connect. 😉

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