BatPac M4

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BatPac MK4, ready to attach to your battery.

Innovative & simple, our BatPac is a problem solver.

 Lead time: 1 week

 The M4 is 3D printed from tough ABS.  It sits securely atop a standard RBC4 battery,

connects to the tabs on the battery, and provides safe, secure power distribution.

It only adds 3/8″ to the overall height of the battery, and zero to the width or length:


BatPac M4 BP M4 Frt 03


The included blade fuse protects your gear, and is replaceable without tools.

There are two Anderson Power Pole pigtails…  one is fused, the other is not.

There are two integrated USB ports, pushing a max of 3 amps.

The fused pigtail is the one to connect to your radio, RC vehicle, USB charger, etc.

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The un-fused pigtail is for charging the battery or connecting another battery in parallel.

The embedded volt meter shows you the voltage of the battery, and includes a recessed on/off switch.


There are four thin velcro straps that wrap around your battery, holding the BatPac securely in place.


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RBC4 Battery, without BatPac…


The BatPac will ONLY fit onto a RBC4 (UB1212 or UB1215) battery.  These are very common, and are available in 12AH or 15AH versions.

  An excellent example is THIS ONE from Amazon


Specs on this battery type:

Volts      12 V Amp Hour      12 AH or 15 AH Chemistry      SLA / AGM Terminal      .250 Length      5.94 in Width      3.89 In. Height      3.95 In. Weight      8.38 or 9.60 Lbs

The BatPac is 5.9″ x 3.9″ x 0.5″ and weighs just 5 ounces!

 Free Shipping to all 50 States

madeinusa-stamp  BatPac M4 madeinusa stamp



Handy little adapter.  Plugs into the Andersons on the BatPac, and accepts any standard cigarette-style plug.  This is a high quality cable that we assemble in house, using the same marine grade locking receptacle as in our JuiceBoxes.  The wire is 14 gauge, and the Andersons have 30 amp contacts in standard ARES / RACES configuration.  Soft, pliable rubber boot protects the contacts from dust and splashing.

Ships free to all 50 states

  • Power Pole to Female Socket, 12″ APP2CSF1FT 1 150x150  BatPac M4 APP2CSF1FT 1 150x150

    Power Pole to Female Socket, 12″

    $21.00 Add to cart


An excellent companion to the Nano USB is our new Nano LED:

Independent review of the BatPac M4… thanks, Craig!


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  1. Craig Brauckmiller

    Received my BatPac M4 and I absolutely love this thing. So easy and convenient to use and setup. Practically idiot proof.

    I posted a review video on YouTube:

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