The DHAP G3 Digital HAM Access Point       New for 2018, the DHAP G3 is small, rugged, and flexible.  At home in your shack or on the road, the DHAP G3 is a highly engineered device that makes digital modes easier to deploy and enjoy.… Read More

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Accoutrements Aplenty!     One of the most common, and most interesting, conversations I have with our customers involves accessories.  If a person owns a JuiceBox, a Scout, a Recon, an Operator, or a BatPac, they have portable power to do… something. The accessories you have… Read More


Welcome to the Hardened Power Blog! We hope that the HP Blog proves a useful resource for information, tips, and real world examples of our mission statement: “We help you get more out of the gear you already have.” So, let’s dive right in with… Read More


Introducing a simple solution to optimize the viewing angle of virtually any gear with a metallic housing.     Many of our customers have asked for a simple way to tilt equipment upwards towards the user to improve the viewing and operating angle. After a handful… Read More