LongShot Systems | GoPro Battery Eliminator

We invented battery elimination for the GoPro

We offer several battery elimination solutions for GoPro’s poor battery life.  If you want to make time lapses that last weeks, not hours, we can help.  If you need to run multiple cameras on your boat, race car, or aircraft, our systems can do it.  If you are simply tired of GoPro’s short run time and want a simple way to eliminate the battery, we can help.

Our LongShot GoPro Battery Eliminator systems are in use around the world, by professionals and amateurs alike.   Who uses our GoPro Battery Eliminator? Our customers include NASA, military, Hollywood, laboratories, universities, transit systems, pilots, law enforcement, U.S. Navy, Coast Guard, and people just like you.

The LongShot GoPro Battery Eliminator is waterproof, dust proof, vibration proof!

To our knowledge, as of this writing (May, 2017) there is no other waterproof, dust proof, vibration proof system like our LongShot GoPro Battery Eliminator.

The obvious benefit of our LongShot GoPro Battery Eliminator is fixing the chronically short battery life in the GoPro cameras.

A less obvious, but very important benefit is heat management.  There are two primary sources of heat in a GoPro, and the LongShot eliminates them both.  One is the internal charging circuit, which the LongShot does not activate.  The other is the GoPro battery itself, which becomes warm during use and while it is charging in the camera.

 Your GoPro will also run cooler with our LongShot GoPro Battery Eliminator systems, period.

Regarding compatibility with the new Hero3+ or Hero4 camera, the short answer is yes, the LongShot Battery Eliminator is compatible.  The long answer is that you need to be aware that the ‘new’ housing is different:

On the left, the standard 60 meter Housing. On the right, the smaller 40 meter '+' housing.  LongShot Systems | GoPro Battery Eliminator gopro cases

On the left, the standard 60 meter Housing. On the right, the smaller 40 meter ‘+’ housing.

Our preference is to use the original housing.  We believe it is stronger, has a better latching mechanism, and has more airspace for better heat management.  Therefore our standard LongShot GoPro Battery Eliminator Head Unit (below) includes a complete original housing.  Any GoPro Hero3, 3+, or Hero4 works perfectly in the original housing.