LongShot G4 SD


 Rugged, refined, reliable.


 Everything you need to run your Hero4 Black or Silver for as long as you want, from any common power source!


“Wait, what?  Are you saying I can plug my GoPro into the wall?”


“My car?”












The electronics that manage the power are all heat-potted into the white housing.  This is a process that creates a very durable and impact-resistant assembly.  We have many original units that are currently serving on boats, planes, cars, helicopters and drones that receive severe abuse and keep on running.  The new G4 is even more rugged and reliable.  If you break a G4, we would like to know how so we can learn how to make it tougher.



The LongShot G4 connects to the rear of the camera and provides power via the external power pins.

Installation is as easy as inserting the connector and swinging the door closed.

The LongShot G4 ‘SD’ is our ‘Standard Duty’ system.  This means that even though your camera and the LongShot are waterproof, the connection to your power source is not.  You can expose the camera to the elements, even run it underwater, but the USB connection to your power source needs to be protected from moisture.  If you want to power your camera in harsh environments, with a flexible connection to a boat, plane, or other vehicle, consider our G3 or G4 HD versions.


Ships within 3 days of order.


100% compatible with the Hero4 Black camera!


This system ships with:

G4 Head Unit, complete with 60 Meter Underwater Housing.

5′ USB power cable with type ‘A’ USB plug.



Free priority shipping to all U.S. addresses.

International priority flat rate, to nearly all countries, for $30.  Just add “International Shipping’, below:



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