We help you get more out of the gear you already have...

LongShot G4 HD

   Rugged, refined, reliable.          Everything you need to run your Hero4 Black or Silver for as long as you want, from any DC power source!  The system accepts any DC voltage from 5v to 24v, and comes with three connection options: Cigarette plug, battery clamps, and ring...

BatCap MK1

  Innovative & simple, our BatCap is a powerful, flexible solution for DC distribution, monitoring, and control. During Launch (right now, starting February 16, 2015) save $20! The BatCap is designed for two RBC2 batteries… 7 or 9 amp hours each.  The BatCap is created from four different plates of CNC...


    Powered by one AA battery for up to 20 hours, the Nano-Fan is either a novelty or a necessity. It fits in the palm of your hand, weighs just a few ounces, and moves a surprising amount of air. (As an aid to starting a campfire, it is...

LongShot G4 SD

   Rugged, refined, reliable.    Everything you need to run your Hero4 Black for as long as you want, from any common power source!   “Wait, what?  Are you saying I can plug my GoPro into the wall?”      Yep. “My car?”      Yes. “USB?”      Yes....

Designed and manufactured in the U.S.A.

LongShot MK1

Our LongShot is used by Hollywood, Reality TV, Military, Law Enforcement, Fish & Wildlife, Boaters, Pilots, Adventurers, and people just like you!


Finally, a simple solution to the D-Star network. The DHAP will have you on the air in minutes, and keep you on the air from your shack, car, field, or anywhere you need to go.

JuiceBox MK1R2

Imagine a briefcase sized waterproof box that can silently power your PC, laptop, radio, fans, small television, and more. Automatically charges from AC, DC, or solar.
If you are preparing for a Shelter-in-Place or a grid-down scenario, yes, the JuiceBoxes or the Rogue are good solutions to small & medium power demands.