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Vantage RT

The new Vantage RT Standalone, solar powered communications in two minutes… LAUNCH PRICING IN EFFECT FOR A LIMITED TIME. SAVE $100 For a quick overview of the system, please see the video, below:     The Vantage RT includes the following components: MFJ Antenna mast, model 1819-EX Renogy 30 watt solar...

JuiceBrick MK2

A powerhouse in a can.  Supplemental power for a JuiceBox MK2 or as a standalone battery, there is nothing like it. The JuiceBrick MK2 is built into a U.S. Army ammo can. This makes an incredibly durable case that is completely waterproof when closed.  Lead time: 2 weeks Buy now...

BatPac Solar

  Innovative & rugged, the BatPac Solar is feature packed.    The housing is 3D printed from tough ABS.  It sits securely atop a standard RBC2 battery, and connects to the tabs on the battery.  It provides safe, secure power distribution and charging. With an integrated 50 watt automatic solar controller, the...

Pico Solar Controller

Size matters… The Pico 18   the world’s smallest automatic Solar Controller.   Just 33 grams! Housing measures 2.1″ x  1.6″ x  .75″     Several months ago, a military customer laid out a challenge.  They wanted a solar controller that had the features of a full-size unit, was weather proof...

Designed and manufactured in the U.S.A.

LongShot MK1

LongShot MK1

Our LongShot is used by Hollywood, Reality TV, Military, Law Enforcement, Fish & Wildlife, Boaters, Pilots, Adventurers, and people just like you!


Finally, a simple solution to the D-Star network. The DHAP will have you on the air in minutes, and keep you on the air from your shack, car, field, or anywhere you need to go.
JuiceBox MK1R2

JuiceBox MK1R2

Imagine a briefcase sized waterproof box that can silently power your PC, laptop, radio, fans, small television, and more. Automatically charges from AC, DC, or solar.
If you are preparing for a Shelter-in-Place or a grid-down scenario, yes, the JuiceBoxes or the Rogue are good solutions to small & medium power demands.