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A Note From Hardened Power Systems

On October 31, 2014, we experienced a fire that destroyed our facility. We are asking for your help! Click on the flaming logo above to learn more about how you can buy our gear with custom paint and logo exclusive to this recovery effort! YOU CAN ALSO BUY OUR REGULAR GEAR, AT NORMAL PRICING, RIGHT HERE ON THE SITE.

Designed and manufactured in the U.S.A.

LongShot MK1

Our LongShot is used by Hollywood, Reality TV, Military, Law Enforcement, Fish & Wildlife, Boaters, Pilots, Adventurers, and people just like you!


Finally, a simple solution to the D-Star network. The DHAP will have you on the air in minutes, and keep you on the air from your shack, car, field, or anywhere you need to go.

JuiceBox MK1R2

Imagine a briefcase sized waterproof box that can silently power your PC, laptop, radio, fans, small television, and more. Automatically charges from AC, DC, or solar.
IMPORTANT NOTICE AS OF OCT 29th 2014: We are temporarily not accepting orders for the following products: DHAP, ReVolt, & WeVolt. We need to devote more of our manufacturing resources to the JuiceBoxes and the Rogue, so we can work through orders and get our lead times back under control. PLEASE, IF YOU WANT A JUICEBOX OR A ROGUE, WE BUILD & SHIP ALL MACHINES IN THE ORDER RECEIVED.
If you are preparing for a Shelter-in-Place or a grid-down scenario, yes, the JuiceBoxes or the Rogue are good solutions to small & medium power demands.